26 April
“Starry” Public Service Activity for autism child

2016 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition is a world-class automotive festival. A special area was set for a public service activity – Starry. The activity has not only had the exhibition more meaningful, but also sent warmth to children with autism.

Organized by Beijing International Automotive Exhibition Committee, China International Exhibition Center Group Corporation (CIEC) and China Social Welfare Foundation (CSWF), the public service activity “Starry” took place at the South Hall of China International Exhibition Center New Venue (Tianzhu) on April 26th, the second day of the exhibition. Mr. Xu lubin, the secretary general of CCPIT, Mr. Wang Xia, the chairman of CCPIT automotive committee, Mr. Gu Chao, the director of CIEC, Mr. Qi Xuesen, the president of CSWF and Ms. Jia Meixiang, the president of the Association of the Rehabilitation for Autism Children have attended the activity.

Thanks to the publicity, the activity gained much attention from the public. Before the beginning, visitors highly praised the paintings drawn by autism children. Ten drummers opened the activity with enthusiasm, which attracted more passers-by. The CSWF granted certificates to the exhibition committee and CIEC to express gratitude. Afterwards, autism children brought performances of Chinese Zither, accordion, singing and etc to show their talent. The visitors are moved and painted pictures with the autism children. The activity was a great success.

The public service project “Starry” was established by China Social Welfare Foundation and the Association of the Rehabilitation for Autism Children, which based on the art interventional therapy explored by ABA. Through painting and other art projects, a relaxing atmosphere can be built between autism children and their parents, as well as the teachers and volunteers. These people can learn about the children’s heart, record their behaviors and do researches after analyze.

As the knowledge of autism spread vastly within China, “Starry” has been well known by more and more people, and gained more and more support from organizations in the society. The essential of art also helps autism children to find a way to “output” the information inside their hearts. The more they output, the less autistic they’ll become. The autism is an issue for the whole society, we should work together to make a better world for these children.