04 May

The Melody of Industry Innovation

------2016 AUTO CHINA Closing Press Release

Held from April 25th to May 4th, 2016 at China International Exhibition Center New Venue and Old Venue, Beijing International Automotive Exhibition (Auto China 2016) is proved to be a great success.

The area of the exhibition reached 220 thousand square meters. More than 1600 exhibitors from 14 countries and regions all over the world attended the show. 1179 vehicles of more than 100 brands from every corner of the world have been displayed. Among the 112 premiers, there were 79 premiers from domestic brands and the other 33 were from multinational auto enterprises. It also had 46 concept vehicles (26 were from domestic auto enterprises), 147 new energy vehicles. A totel number of 815,000 visitors were attracted to the exhibition. According to these data, the exhibition area, the amount of brand and premiers, and the number of visitors have the exhibition to be the leader of the world.

Electrification, intellectualization andconnectivity were well shown in the exhibition, which correspond to the theme of the exhibition –“Innovation and Transformation”.

The profound development of new energy vehicle
147 new energy vehicles were displayed in the exhibition, among them there were 35 blade electronic vehicles. There were passenger cars, SUV, MPV, buses and commercial vehicles. Among the 147 new energy vehicles, there were 112 from state-owned enterprises, which exceeded foreign enterprises, staying on the leading position in quantity.

On the side of technology, new energy vehicles showed the following characteristics: an endurance of 300 km, a better battery (including a larger capacity, more security and a longer life). Lightweight technology is making more breakthroughs. The development of electronic technology is attracting more and more people. “Zero Emission” concept vehicles is also leaving people with more envision of the future.

Intelligent network outbreak
Intelligent vehicle and internet on the car became popular on the exhibition, almost all the new vehicle showed the concept.
Many network functions have been popularized in automotive industry.
Intellectualized products broke the beginning stage where cell phones have to be connected with the car. For the hard devices, 17-inch touch screen were created by state-owned enterprises. Man-machine interaction, on-board entertainment information and wearable devices are indicating the direction of new product.
Especially, intelligent driving is coming true, related accomplishment were shown. The display of autonomousdriving and the experience area became a highlight of the exhibition. Many vehicles of self-owned brands were equipped with lane-keeping, auxiliary brake, park assist system and other high-tech functions.

2016 Auto China indicated that intellectualization have been deeply infiltrated into automotive industry. The generalizations of park assist system and intellectualization is forcing the infiltration of autonomous driving to the daily life.

Car on the internet promotes the fusion of electrification, intellectualization andnetwork
Accomplishment of internet and traditional vehicles were displayed in the exhibition. Different intelligent operation system, intelligent network were shown.
Internet manufacturers brought out their new vehicles, domestic internet enterprises, designing enterprises and electronic automobile enterprises from Silicon Valley also promoted many intelligent concept vehicles. Their participation made traditional automotive industry livelier. What’s more, electrification, intellectualization and connectivity have appeared on many different vehicles.

Commercial vehicles aim at market segment
Commercial vehicle area attracted many vehicle enterprises within China. These enterprises lay on the segment of logistic industry, satisfying the speed and efficiency. High-powered motor tractors, lightweight vans and new energy express vehicles were the main exhibits in the exhibition. What make every one pleasant is that internet super truck and concept vehicles which based on new energy, network and autonomousdriving were also found on the booths of commercial vehicles

Update of auto parts and core technology
Many traditional auto parts enterprises are responding to the trend of electrification, intellectualization and connectivity, aiming at core parts of electronic vehicles, and promoting innovation technologies and products. For example, the Lane Departure Warning, collision preventing warning, self-adaptive cruise control, high-performance compact wheel hub motor and intelligent speech interaction rear view mirror.
Foreign auto parts enterprises were enthusiastic to attendthe exhibition. Intelligent driving, electronic vehicles, energy saving and environment protecting technology and lightweight technology were displayed. For example, compact multi-function camera, driving assist system, long-distance defrosting system, automatic control system of high beam and self-adaptive cruise control. Lightweight materials and technologies, like automatic start-stop system, Clean Diesel technology, exhaust after treatment system, direct petrol injection system, and novel turbocharger, are becoming the efficient way for environmental protection.

Media report showed professional level
14062 journalists from more than 40 countries and regions attended the exhibition, including 1427 journalists from362foreign media. National media, famous international media published reports about the exhibition. Numerous television, internet and radio provided live broadcast. Media friends made their contributions to the development of automotive industry with the highest speed, the most distinct vision and the most living way.

The prominent innovation and sincerity
Based on the principal of service and improving, organizers overcame many difficulties and communicate with every partner and governmental department to ensure that the exhibition is secured and on time.

It was the first time for the exhibition to work with the China Social Welfare Foundation – Foundation organization for autistic children. Paintings drawn by autistic children were displayed in the exhibition, calling the society to pay attention to these children and opening new page of public service activity of Auto China.

To relieve the crowd and facilitate the commute, the organizer enforced the operation of shuttle bus, and settled metro ticket boxes at the exit of the venue. Based on online ticket purchase system and delivery services, group services and free delivery services for journalists were added, which made the procurement more convenient. On the aspects of restaurant, medical treatment, security, transportation and toilet, temporaryavailability and service level have been also improved.

The exhibition gained support of the government of Beijing and Shunyi District during the 10 days. Traffic organization, security, apanage services have improved a lot. All the staff gave off the holiday of May Day to ensure the operation of the exhibition. However, the deficiencies were unavoidable. Auto China still needs to improve service and organization quality and work hard to reach the top level.
We believe that, with the support of government leaders and department, the hardwork of organizers and the participation of exhibitors, media and visitors, Auto China will get much better in the future. It will promote development of economy, spread automotive culture and demonstrate the power of our country.