22 April

Notice of Visit

Visitors should be regarded as having read this notice carefully when entering the exhibition, and have accepted the entire contents of this Notice of Visit.

Dear visitors,
All relevant personnel who visit the 15th Beijing International Automotive Exhibition (Auto China 2018) with badges, visiting tickets or other documents (hereinafter referred to as passes) must strictly abide by the following entry terms:

One, the visitor category and admission method
1.April 25-26 are media days, April 25 are opening from 9am-6pm, April 26 are opening from 10am-6pm; Visitors holding a media pass and special invitation card can enter the exhibition from the east/south/west/north entrance of the venue and pass the security verification. Children are not allowed to visit the exhibition on media days.
2.April 27-28 are trade days opening from 10am-6pm. Visitors holding tickets can enter the exhibition from the east/south/west/north entrance of the venue and pass the security verification.
3.April 29-May 4 are public days and opening from 10am-6pm (May 4 not included).
4.May 4 is opening from 10am-3pm, Visitors with tickets can enter the exhibition from the east/south/west/north entrance of the venue and pass the security verification.

Two, Notice
1.The organizers of the exhibition set up safety inspections at all entrances for public safety. Please do not carry large bags or luggage to the exhibition. Please cooperate with security inspection. For public safety, the exhibition organizers and specialized security personnel are entitled to require the visitors to inspect the items that they carry with.
2.It is forbidden to carry flammable, explosive and other dangerous items and animals, perishable foods (such as box lunch) into the exhibition.
3.The ticket is only valid for onetime entry on the specified date, it is void once expired.
4.The organizers remind you of taking care of your personal belongings during the visit, please visit in order and pay attention to the safety.
5.Smoking and littering are strictly prohibited in the exhibition.
6.The organizers of the exhibition will conduct the control of visitor flow depending on the circumstances, please understand the inconveniences to be triggered.
7.On the premise of violation of the regulations, the exhibition organizers and the staff have the right to refuse the entry of corresponding visitors who have violated this Notice of Visit and ask the visitor to leave the venue. Any visitor who is required to leave the venue is not allowed to re-enter within 24 hours.
8.Except for media days, children over 1.2 meters height can enter the exhibition under the supervision of their parents or guardians. For security reasons, parents are required to take care of the children and take responsibility for all possible accidents. Children under 1.2 meters are not allowed to enter the venue.
9.Due to tremendous visitor flow in the auto show, people with poor physical condition such as hypertension, heart disease are not suggested to visit the exhibition.
10.The organizers remind you of paying great attention to the food safety.
11.Without permission from the exhibition organizers, surveys, opinion polls and donations are not allowed to be conducted by any organization or individual.
12.By any emergency, visitors should follow the order by onsite staff and evacuate in an orderly manner.

For more information, please click the links below:
Official website of Auto China 2018: http://www.autochinashow.org/
Official wechat: beijingautoshow

Three, the organizers of the 15th (2018) Beijing International Automotive Exhibition reserve the final interpretation of this Notice of Visit.