10 April

Auto China 2018 Ticket Selling Announcement

The 15th Beijing International Automotive Exhibition (Auto China 2018) will take place at China International Exhibition Center New Venue (Tianzhu) and China International Exhibition Center Old Venue (Jinganzhuang) simultaneously from April 25 to May 4.The exhibition period of CIECnew venue is from April 27-May 4 mainly to display the vehicles, while the exhibition period of CIEC old venue is from April 25-29 for New Energy Vehicles, auto parts and components. The ticket system of Auto China 2018 continuously adopts the RFID technology,which is extensively used during the grand events such as the Olympic and the World Expo. A chip containing ticket information is embedded in the PVC media of the ticket, bound by an auxiliary ticket and printed by a variety of anti-fake technologies to eliminate counterfeit ticketseffectively. Please purchase the tickets through official channels and keep the (pre-sale) tickets properly, do not damage the chip inside.

The organizer has opened up a group ticket pre-sale channel for exhibitors, auto related enterprises and institutions from April 8, ticket agents and intermediaries are not included. Please login the official website of Auto China 2018 (www.autochinashow.org) or CIEC (www.ciec-expo.com), fill in the tickets demand and acquire the tickets at CIEC Old Venue (Jinganzhuang) after successful payment. If the payment is made by online methods (e.g. bank transfer, alipay, quick payment etc.), the order is effective only after full payment, otherwise the order is regarded as invalid. The number of tickets cannot be less than 50 tickets. After the order requirement issubmitted, the system will automatically send the order to the booker's mailbox. Auto China 2018 also officially authorizes online sales store, through taobao, tickets can be purchased online and delivered in China. Official Taobao storewebsite: http://shop70989749.taobao.com/

Collecting pre-sale tickets

Time: April 13 – April 26 from 9:00 – 16:30, close on weekend and holidays, open until 12pm on April 26.

Venue: Room 208 of Service Building in CIEC Old Venue (Jinganzhuang). If paid in cash or card, please bring the printed order to acquire the tickets at the pre-sale ticket venue during advance booking dates. If paid by bank transfer or cheque, once the payment is successfully transferred to the bank account, the system then automatically sends a notice email; please bring the printed order, a copy of the remittance and original ID card of the ticket holder to collect the tickets at the pre-sale ticket venue.

From April 27, the exhibitors can pay and collect the tickets in cash or by electronic payments at the south entrance of CIEC New Venue (Tianzhu).

All tickets are non-refundable.

From April 13, visitors can purchase pre-sale tickets at CIEC Old Venue (Jinganzhuang); retail ticket is sold at the ticket office of the main entrance, group tickets can be purchased at the second floor of the office building. Meanwhile, visitors can also purchase tickets at surrounded Our Hours Convenience Stores in cash or by electronic methods.

The organizer plans to establish ticket offices at the four entrance halls of CIEC New Venue from April 27 to May 4. The CIEC Old Venue will set up a ticket counter at the first window of the main entrance from April 25 to April 29, to satisfy the demand of the visitors.

Entry Rates for the CIEC New Venue:

Trade Day Ticket
Time:April 27 –April 28
Price:100 RMB
Only valid onetime entry on the specified date, void once expired
Public Day Ticket
Time:April 29 – May 3
Price:50 RMB
Only valid onetime entry on the specified date, void once expired
Flexible Ticket for Public Days
Time:April 29 – May 4
Price:80 RMB
Advance reservation is necessary, valid onetime entry on the specified date, invalid if no reservation
Closing Day Ticket
Time: May 4
Price:30 RMB
Only valid onetime entry on the specified date, void once expired
Notice: Tickets for the CIEC New Venue are only for the use of CIEC New Venue.
For visitors’convenience, Auto China 2018 launches automatic E-invoice service; all retail ticket holders can scrape the code on the back of the ticket to get the password before applying for the electric version of VAT ordinary invoice via the wechat (ciec_expo) or official website (www.ciec-expo.com) of CIEC.

Group ticket holders for pre-sale tickets from CIEC can obtain the VAT special / ordinary invoiceduring the purchase onsite, but not possible to repeatedly apply for the E-version invoice.

To protect the legitimate rights and interests of the visitors, alsoto eliminate fake tickets,advanced international entrance guard systems continuously set up at all entrances/exits at CIEC (Jinganzhuang) and CIEC (Tianzhu). Holders of multiple-entry pass must swipe the card before leaving the venue, otherwise it is not allowed for re-entry.

For more information, please click the links below:
Official website of Auto China 2018: http://www.autochinashow.org/
Official website of CIEC: http://www.ciec-expo.com/